What started as an endeavor to change Bob Baffert may at last wind up in government court.

Proprietor willing to pay thousands to change Bob Baffert by naming pony ‘Awful Test Bob’

What started as an endeavor to change Bob Baffert may at last wind up in government court.

Pure blood proprietor Jerry Jamgotchian needs to call one of his colts Bad Test Bob – a poke at Baffert’s new imprudent of medication positives. Also, however that name has been dismissed by the Jockey Club, Jamgotchian will not release it.

He has paid a $1,000 non-refundable charge to have the matter heard before judge Linda Hopgood on June 11, and another $1,000 to challenge the Jockey Club’s refusal to endorse Malpractice Meuser, a name recently supported in the United Kingdom and propelled by one of Baffert’s lawyers, Michael Meuser.

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Since the intervention interaction will probably result just in a suggestion to Jockey Club stewards, Jamgotchian expects spending as much as $100,000 to seek after his naming rights through the general set of laws.

What’s in a name? Bounty, it ends up.

“The Jockey Club, very much like every one of these different asses in California, they need to secure Baffert,” Jamgotchian said. “When we overcome this, I’m going to government area court and recording a social equality activity. . . Furthermore, they will get smoked.”

Rider Club agents declined to talk about the matter on the record, however the brief documented by lawyer Chapman Hopkins described Jamgotchian’s cases as “a melange of misleading statements and out and out misquotes.”


Past question is that Jerry Jamgotchian is legendarily quarrelsome thus profoundly despised among controllers that Richard Shapiro, previous director of the California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) when argued no challenge to vandalizing Jamgotchian’s Jaguar. Mike Pegram, previous administrator of the Thoroughbred Owners of California, later sued him for maligning and settled with an insurance agency (more than Jamgotchian’s complaints) for $885,000.

“I’m certain he has a pleasant family and ideally thinks often about hustling and the huge number of individuals in it,” John Harris, another previous CHRB executive, told the San Diego Union-Tribune in 2009. “However, he is a counterproductive, foolish individual with a dastardly persona.”

The California mall engineer is, by most records, a man whose standards exceed his benefit intention, and a foe with the determination of a pit bull.

“It will cost me about $60,000 or $70,000, perhaps $100,000,” Jamgotchian said. “I don’t actually mind. I need horse dashing to have a few guidelines that individuals follow. . .

“This is the perfect thing to do. Individuals ought to reserve the privilege to name anything they desire as long as it’s not disgusting. You need to go after someone, go after someone.”

In keeping up the American Stud Book, the Jockey Club controls the enlistment of U.S. pure bloods and has embraced severe principles for satisfactory names. Among the many restricted names are those that are considered interesting or profane, those that may irritate strict, political or ethnic gatherings and, for this situation, those that “have all the earmarks of being intended to disturb, embarrass or belittle a particular individual, gathering of people, or substance.”

Rider Club recorder Rick Bailey refered to this last guideline – 6 (F) 11 of the Principal Rules and Requirements of the American Stud Book – in letters dismissing the names Bad Test Bob (dated March 1) and Malpractice Meuser (Feb. 3).

“It can’t be questioned that (Jockey Club) fittingly applied its Rules and verified that the two names put together by Appellant, all over, abused Rule 6(F)(11),” Hopkins composed. “Litigant has not—and can’t—highlight any realities or proof that would lead the Hearing Officer to an alternate end.”

Jamgotchian fights the dismissed names address an encroachment on the First Amendment and are in struggle with late Supreme Court choices concerning “perspective separation.” In a short submitted ahead of the following month’s hearing, Jamgotchian says the name Bad Test Bob was not planned to demonize anybody; that the name alludes to one Bob Dreyfuss of Chatsworth, Calif., and his test for COVID-19.

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